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Thanks for dropping by. I was first licensed in 1959, but I let my license expire and was re-licensed in 1967. My first kit was a crystal set my uncle gave me for Christmas in 1955. While delivering papers in 1958, I saw a customer in his garage talking to Hawaii. He was Ed Mullin, W6FOC using a Heath Kit AT 1, a HB pair of 807 modulators and a Gonset Super Six converter with a HB 2 element plumbers delight beam. I was impressed and won to this great hobby. Ed gave me my novice exam in 1959. I built my first transmitter, a Heath DX 20 and used a Hallicrafters S-38B. In 1966 I went to work for another ham, Wes Novotney W6YSP in his TV Repair shop. I bought a HB XMTR Wes had, an 813 modulated by a pair of 810s.

This radio was in a 6 foot rack. I used it with a Hallicrafters SX 28. I always wanted a Viking Ranger, the first XMTR I ever spoke on. A blind ham named Hal was talking to me one day and fell in love with the description of my HB 813. He asked me to pick him up so he could examine my XMTR with his hands and possibly trade me for his Ranger. I did and he did. What a joy that Ranger was. Many years have gone by with many memories of this wonderful hobby. Ten years ago I was reinvigorated with the vintage gear and still am.

I have my original novice station opporating. I have my Viking Ranger in service on 40ty CW and ten meters AM. I have a HB 813, this time modulated by 811s. I use a Hammarlund HQ 105, which belonged to another boyhood friend and elmer,Lyle Johnson, WA6IXW. I also use a TS 820S, a Heath SB 104A and a up to date radio, the ICOM 756Pro II. If we have not worked each other on the air, I hope we will soon. I am grateful for the many friends I have made over the years through our hobby. Communication is God created because He wanted a relationship with His creation man and He rejoices over our communication with each other when it is focused on blessing and encouragement of one anothers lives. May the Lord bless you my friend as He has me! 73’s for now, George WB6YEC